Harmonica Resources

Online Harmonica Courses

Harmonica Skype provides you with lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced players
Techniques you will learn : tone, sound, breathing, hand effects, tongue blocking, octaves, blues gimmicks, bending, overbending, tremolo and much more

You can ask anything about blues harmonica, bluegrass harmonica, country music harmonica, jazz harmonica and even more … irish music for harmonica, classical music … and the list goes on
You can also learn how to improvise on a blues or jazz standard.

Useful links :

David Herzhaft harmonica player : www.harmo.com

To buy harmonicas online we suggest : www.harmonicaland.com

To learn more about the blues in general : www.gerardherzhaft.com

To have your music professionnally produced, mixed and mastered : www.musicoland.com