¨Harmonica Skype has helped me start playing harmonicas in a good way without the usual and hard to get rid of bad habits. I highly recommend you to use Harmonica Skype if you’re serious about improving your Harmonica skills. Now I can play a few tunes in front of my friend and don’t sound ridiculous.

Steven Kyler.    (New York)

“Harmonica Skype is very helpful for me. My teacher is very nice and responsible. After 20 lessons, I have made a progress both in my bending and hands technique. I have also greatly improved my tone. Thanks for my teacher! I wish great success to Harmonica Skype.”

-Eric Grim (UK)

“I´m a Brazilian guitar player and had been fiddling around with the harmonica for a while. I needed to brush up my Harmonica playing in a short period of time. David and his team came at the right time. Harmonica Skype lessons have flowed like in a classroom course. Tecnhique, sound, positionning, all things teached in a modern and efficient manner.”

-Joao Felize. (Rio, Brazil)